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32949Re: [mill_drill] Re: Covering up ball oiler ports

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  • Goran Hosinsky
    May 1 12:26 AM
      flip-up oilers, got any picture or link?
      Goran, Canary Islands

      On 2013-05-01 08:14, Edgar wrote:

      I just recently jerked these two ball oilers out of the table. They had been damaged either during manufacture or when they were installed. I was never able to force any oil into them. The back side is the worst because you can't get square-on to force any oil into it. So for 23 years, I've been doing as you suggested.. squirting oil onto the table's flats and dove tails. I oil the X feed nut and screw at the same time. I'm going to replace them with flip-up oilers. The ball oilers are not my favorite. I've got several on my lathe that are just useless because you can't get the oil can square-on to them so that you have some hope of getting some oil where you need it.

      Have you considered spacing the scale off the front side of the table? I'd be afraid of smashing it if it were on the back side. Plus you lose Y travel that you can ill afford to reduce. Keeping chips and cutting oil out of the mechanism would be a little easier as well.

      Orlin in SC/USA

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "svsequoia_pdx" <k7cej@...> wrote:
      > I am in the process of installing Ditron glass scales on my RF-45 clone nill-drill. The obvious place to mount the long x-axis scale is on the back side of the table, with the optical head bolted to the Y-axis saddle. Unfortunately, the scale completely covers the ball oiler port on the back side for the x-axis motion. Spacing the scale off the table is a non-starter, since it already eats up an inch of the y motion by limiting travel back to the square column.
      > How much of an issue is not being able to use the back ball oiler port?
      > I can manually brush some way oil on the underside of the ways periodically--will that be good enough?

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