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32623Re: Boring head?

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  • internal_fire
    Mar 15, 2013
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      Most or all of these low cost boring heads are attached to the arbor by threads. You cannot run them backward, since they will unscrew. Guaranteed to work better than coffee to wake you up.


      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Dana Hague <d-m-hague@...> wrote:
      > Seems like a good time for some noob questions about boring heads in
      > general. Using this one in the link as an example, see if I understand
      > correctly:
      > This one says "max 5/8" offset, I assume that's the center hole so that
      > means that using the 9/16 boring bar gives a max diameter of .625x2+9/16 or
      > 1.8125? Then the outer hole is, say, another 5/8 off so that'd be an
      > additional 1.25 for a max 3.0625 hole diameter? At which point you can use
      > the cross hole and go still wider?
      > If you use the cross hole do you use the same boring bar or do you need a
      > different one with different rake for end cutting?
      > I've also been told that one can use a boring head for OD turning (I don't
      > have a lathe) by turning the boring bar around. To do this you either need
      > to reverse the mill's direction of rotation (not immediately possible on
      > mine, though I haven't looked at the wiring) or a reverse cutting boring
      > bar. I've never seen such a "backwards" boring bar advertised; are they
      > actually available?
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