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32458Re: Ball screws

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  • Jim S.
    Mar 2, 2013
      You said:
      You can buy ball screws and nuts from McmasterCarr they have diverant finishes
      for them

      Just be careful of the ball screws on McC. While it might have changed, they used to list their ballscrews as for instance 5/8 diameter by 13/64 pitch (not .200). Thus may have been a typo, but it turned me off on using them. You can get 5/8 x .200 lead ballscrews from Rockford Ballscrew http://www.rockfordballscrew.com/ . Their rolled ballscrew had a standard precision of +/-.009 inch lead error per foot cumulative, but for a slight extra charge you can get their extra precision with a maximum lead error of +/-.003 per foot cumulative, probably just selected stock. Getting precision greater than this means going to a ground ball screw at much greater expense. The lead error can be mapped out and compensated for when tuning your controller. They also have left hand thread ballscrews if you need them. I'm sure there are other vendors, but I am familiar with them. If nothing else, their technical info is worth reading. Be aware that the above info is several years old from back when I was involved with some ballscrew work. YMMV.
      Another poster's remarks about using two nuts per screw works. It is much cheaper than any of the preloaded nuts sold commercially. You mount them so they can be preloaded against each other to eliminate backlash.
      I hope the above is of some use to the members.
      Jim (Just a guy who likes to build stuff)
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