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32382Re: [mill_drill] Re: Looking for Jet-16 Mill/Drill Owners - many questions

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  • philr_77378
    Feb 14, 2013
      I have never had an end mill holder spoil work.  Only when I was using a collet.  Sometimes you need to use a collet if there is not enough spindle clearance to the work.  When you do use a collet, make sure the id of the collet and the end mill are clean and dry.  Make sure the id of the spindle taper is clean and lubricated, to get maximum squeeze onto the dry end mill.  I know its subjective, but do not over tighten, if it's an R8 collet.

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      > > 4) One recommendation for tightening collets suggested 1/4 turn after
      > > the drawbar snugs up. In your experience is this adequate for holding
      > > end mills such that they don't climb out of the collet or should I
      > > always use end mill holders instead of collets?
      > These are relatively light duty mills. IMHO, any job with enough vibration to suck an end mill out of a collet has pushed the performance envelope too far.
      > I wouldn't recommend dedicated EM holders. These bench top mills don't have too much rigidity. I think an R-8 collet will allow you to choke up with the least overhang better than a dedicated EM holder.
      I have had an endmill creep out of a collet and ruin 2 hours work - because light cuts take longer and provide more opportunity for the endmill to creep.  I now only use dedicated EM holders without difficulty - and I can take heavier cuts.
      There is always one side that says "use collets" and another that says "EM holders".  You get to choose what to do on your machine.

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