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  • kenrinc
    Oct 2, 2012
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      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Jerome Kimberlin <kimberln@...> wrote:

      > Well, I haven't been there. But I thought Sims was a scrap yard?

      Western Metals was bought by SIMS. It's essentially the same place it always was: a metal suplier that also deals in scrap. They sell scrap as well as new stock. Mostly A36 in a variety of angle, flat, square and round 12ft and 24ft long. Full 4x8 sheets of sheet metal. Brass and Stainless are available in limited sizes.

      >>I've moved all my business over to Metal Supermarket. Easy to deal with.

      The Metal Supermarket in SJ is a joke. I can't believe how much money I've wasted at that stupid place. It's like they just weight for the unsuspecting HSM to come in so they can work them over. I won't deny that the staff is NICE, at least to me they are, but their prices are just stupid insane. Yes, I go through their scrap bin, but it doesn't compare to SIMS - unless you care what your scrap looks like. Smiling while they rip me off. Maybe your a business and so you get a different deal.

      If your like me and a HSM, you love scrap. SIMS has usable scrap. 1", 2" 3" dia rounds and squares of HRS in a various lengths. For a small fee they will cut it for you. Tons of it. Yes, it's covered in rust. Big deal. They charge you scrap prices by weight. Last time I was there it was like $.65 a pound for scrap steel. A 24" long piece of A36, 2" square cost me $18. Do you know what that costs online? Friggin $50 and that's before shipping!

      I buy new A36 in 24ft lengths for way better pricing than anywhere else. This is the stock I use for new projects at home. 1" square and round, angle etc... I've not had issues with they guys that work there. But I've been there enough that many of them know me so that may be a factor.

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