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31887Re: [mill_drill] Re: sheet steel

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  • Jerome Kimberlin
    Oct 1, 2012
      On 10/1/2012 9:47 AM, curtisleo@... wrote:
      > I was at SIMs last week and they had a pretty crappy selection. More is
      > the crappy attitude when asking about ordering metals. This is more than
      > once when I was there.

      Well, I haven't been there. But I thought Sims was a scrap yard? I
      wouldn't have even considered having them order anything if that is the
      case. Otherwise, never go shopping on Monday or Friday. Attitudes are
      always bad on those days :-)

      >I've moved all my business over to Metal Supermarket. Easy to deal with
      >and plenty of pieces in stock. Very helpful as well.

      The MS in Hayward or San Leandro, whatever, is owned by the same guy you went to, I think. He is a good buy but the others aren't so cool. MS prices are out of sight as far as I'm concerned. Cheaper to pay shipping from Online than to pay tax and drive to MS, considering fuel and shop time lost. Also, they rarely have what I'm looking for.

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