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31569Re: CNC conversion group / forum ?

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  • Dan Mauch
    Jul 3, 2012
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      I did want to mention that I sell cnc systems and specifically say that my 4 axis 3  465 oz in stepper motors in a machined case with cooling fan and a good power supply ready to plug and play using mach3  is $699 plus s/h. I use the bullet proof , short circuit protected G540’s

      There is a way to double nut with zero clearance the X axis ballscrew drive nut.  The ballnuts have a 15/16” 16 TPI thread. When you machine your drive nut block and tap it  thread  it all the way through. Then screw one ball nut without any balls in it into one side of the block and leave about ½ turn from being tight. Insert the ballscrew and ball nut through the other side and thread the ball nut in All the way into the drive nut block and secure with a set screw. Last insert the balls into the first ballnut. I can give you the procedure for that if you need it. After all the balls are in it and the return tube is made up then continue to tighten thethis ball nut until there is no backlash but the ball screw turns freely. Then secure this nut with another set screw.

      This method eliminates the spring that you can get with the bevel washer type double ballnuts.

      If interested I can tell you how to do the Y axis which is different.




      Dan Mauch



      Stepper and servo motors

      Kits, assembled and custom CNC using Gecko products.


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