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31568Re: CNC conversion group / forum ?

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  • jdkmlw
    Jul 3, 2012
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      WOW, more replies then I thought I'd get.
      Thanks everyone

      Instead of making a bunch of replies I'll try to comment to all of them in this one.
      And I'll give more details of where I'm at now.

      Thanks for the link to your web page, I did come across it once before looking for info.

      Thanks Joe, I'll take a look at the Home Machinist site later.

      Dan, thank you for your offer, but could we keep as much of it as possible on here to help others?
      And actually I might need help with a motor or controller issue, I'll get into this in a moment.

      As for "retro-fit kits" I haven't found any at a decent price, I'm going to do some basic motor mounts to start with and hopefully make better ones as soon as I get it running.

      Where I'm at now;
      I bought a couple lengths of ball screws and nuts from Roton (5/8 x .200 RH) and got the ends turned down & threaded for the bearings, locking nuts and xl pulleys (planning to use a 2:1 pulley setup) to fit, I haven't had the time to do anything to the mill yet to fit them.
      For the nuts, I've seen a few people mention using standard ball nuts with belleville(?) washers inbetween them to put a preload on them. Seems like a simple solution for a tight budget :)

      This past weekend I had time to mess with the motors and controller a little. I got NEMA23 495 oz in. 3A stepper motors, Gecko G540 controller, a Keling 48volt - 7.3amp power supply and trying out Mach3 right now (haven't had time to read the manual yet).
      I was able to get all the motors (3 for now) wired up (with resistors) and I hooked them up to the controller one at a time like the manual says to, and got a green light for all of them. Then I hooked it up to the pc and was able to spin the motors with Mach3 just using the keyboard, noticing the Z motor seemed to be getting hotter then the others so I turn everything off.
      I then looked over the controller manual some more and YouTube about "trimming" the motors, well one video the guy said the motors shouldn't "jump" when they start or stop turning and by adjusting the trim will make then move more smoothly at start up & stopping. I was able to get the X & Y to this point but the Z is still "jumping" and it doesn't seem like the trim is working on this driver. Might have to get a hold of Gecko and see what they say.

      So this is where I'm at right now, got to fix or replace the controller and start learning how to setup and use Mach3, and finish hooking up the ball screws to the mill.

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