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31559Re: [mill_drill] CNC conversion group / forum ?

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  • Art Eckstein
    Jul 2, 2012
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      About 10 years ago, I converted my RF31 to cnc (servo drives) and
      ball screws on the X and Y axis. I was given a prototype breakout
      board that I use till this day on it. Spring loaded double nuts were
      used for zero backlash. For the Z axis, I put a servo on the fine
      downfeed and tweaked the gearing arrangement to reduce the problem of
      backlash. For a power supply for the gecko drives, I rewound a
      microwave transformer to get the desired voltage and made a simple
      power supply with a Bridge Rectifier and big capacitor. My control
      software of choice was and is Turbocnc.

      I don't know of any "kits" for this model of machine and when I did
      mine, I pulled the table and saddle off to make measurements. Matter
      of fact, I did that several times to get it right and to make the
      mounts etc that I needed. You can see some of how I did it on my old
      web page at:


      I will be glad to help you if I can.

      Country Bubba

      At 03:56 AM 7/2/2012, you wrote:
      >Hello all, I'm not an active poster but do read almost all the
      >threads & replies since I've joined.
      >But does anyone know of a group or forum that has info for a novice
      >on converting these mill/drills to CNC, and has electronics setup &
      >software support too?
      >I tried to join the CNCZone several times but never got the
      >comformation email and just gave up trying.
      >I have an older Central Machinery model like the RF31 (I think
      >that's the model) and the ways are still tight, but the lead screws
      >are worn out and I'm working on installing ball screws right now.
      >Any suggestions would be helpful
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