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31411Re: [mill_drill] End mill question

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  • Curtis J Blank
    Jun 1, 2012
      LOL Not a chance now, you just gave me a use for them, and thanks for that!

      I've been making some jigs lately (and have to remake one due to a design change) that have square holes in them. So I've been roughing out the holes using a 1/4" EM and leaving 0.010" for the final cut and I've noticed the cuts were a bit bigger using the 4 flute. Didn't matter because of the 0.010' I left for the 1/4" EM and the holes were bigger then 1/4". Then after that the real real finish cut is then done with a 1/8" EM taking off 0.001" and to get the corner radius down to 1/16"

      But, on the new jig I have to cut a 13mm slot maybe 1-1/4" long with 6.5mm radius on either end so I just got a 4 flute 13mm end mill to do that. I was going to rough it out again and still will, but now I think I'll be ordering a 2 flute 13mm EM for the finish cut.


      On 06/01/12 19:51, Corey Renner wrote: 2-flute is better when chip evacuation is an issue, the most-extreme scenario is when making a slot that is the width of the endmill itself.  A 2-flute EM will make a slot pretty-close to on-size, a 4fl will tend to deflect and make an oversized cut that is biased to one side.  This knack for slotting is also why 2fl EM's are sometimes called "slot drills".  If you still can't find a use for them, you can send them to me :)


      On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 5:17 PM, Curtis J Blank <Curt.Blank@...> wrote:

      Well, cutting tool question I guess, ball end, radius, etc.

      2 flute verses 4 flute. I tend to buy and use 4 flute cutters
      exclusively. I have 2 flute end mills but only because they came in sets
      I purchased.

      So I guess the question is why 2 flute? When would a 2 flute end mill be
      preferable to use over a 4 flute end mill? Or does it come down to cost?

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