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  • November X-Ray
    Mar 2 10:08 AM
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      What is the definition for "low rpm"??? Depending on what OD a tire is would determine the rpm, smaller of course means a higher rpm for any given speed and I would not think much would be beyond 1000 or even 1200 rpm for most vehicles so I was curious how the ranges are divided. Quick math tells me a 30" OD tire would turn 672 RPM at 60 miles per hour, a 24" OD would be 840 at the same speed. The little boat trailer tires are tiny and between the high rpm and the frequent submersion in water, no wonder you see them broken down along side the roadways quite often

      From: Tim W4YN <w4yn@...>
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      Sent: Friday, March 2, 2012 12:45 PM
      Subject: [mill_drill] Re: Spindle/Quill Bearings - Lube

      Wheel bearing grease is for low rpm application.
      You need a light soap grease with low viscocity pure mineral oil.
      That was by the book, a good grade of light grease will work fine.
      I use the white lubraplate for most medium speed applications. I would bet that a thin synthetic grease would do well also. Lucas makes a green (sorry not sure of name) GP high grade grease.
      If the soad (the thick stuff that holds oil) or the oil is too stiff (high viscosity) the balls or rollers will push it all aside and loose lubrcation.
      Tim in NC

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Stan Stocker <skstocker@...> wrote:
      > Good morning,
      > When I emailed Grizzly tech support years ago they recommended using a
      > good quality wheel bearing grease. My particular mill is a g1006.
      > Take care,
      > Stan
      > On 02/29/2012 10:59 PM, dereklola wrote:
      > > What grease to members recommend for the taper roller bearings?
      > > And for the sliding splines?
      > >

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