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  • Glenn N
    Jan 1, 2012
      I think it gets hotter than that in my shop in the summer LOL

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      Here is the break-in advise that I found and followed:

      Typical run in for spindles is a starting point of about 400 rpm,
      up to max in 500 rpm increments, in steps of 30 - 45 minutes.
      Check housings for excessive heat as you go.
      Then reverse and do it over!
      Watch temperature. If it gets hot, stop let cool and do over.
      The Fafnir Superprecision Machine Tool Bearing catalog suggests that
      with optimal design,
      bearings running synthetic low friction grease ought to be able to
      run about 20 degrees C
      over ambient or about 40 degrees F. In fact, they suggest a proper
      break-in procedure temperature of 130 degrees F.
      involves running the spindle until it reaches 150 degrees F, turning
      it off to cool, and repeating the cycle
      until the spindle stabilizes at 130 degrees F or lower operating temp.
      The ideal equilibrium operating temperature is 95 to 115 degrees F.
      Maximum temperatures should not exceed
      170 degrees F. Timken's published specs for tapered roller bearings,
      including bearing life specs, assume an operating
      temperature of 130 degrees F.

      As for pre-load, I am afraid it is more a matter of feel and
      luck. In an effort to help this, I did my initial break-in on the
      lathe. That way, if I felt it was to tight or to loose, it was real
      easy to adjust.

      Good luck

      Country Bubba
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