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29575Re: [mill_drill] Re: Power feed

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  • Snag
    Sep 19, 2011
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      Darren M wrote:
      > Hey Snag, I too bought a couple of red and black drills. I came up
      > with a 500K measurement for the pot. The FWD/REV section of the
      > trigger is removeable from the trigger and is a reversing switch
      > easilly replicated with a DPDT switch. Make sure you use a 10amp
      > rated switch or better as it handles the motor load not the input
      > control (which is about 5ma.) I also intergrated a relay in the
      > wiring to the motor to disconnet the power and short the motor leads
      > when off. This is to replicate the same thing in the original trigger
      > sitch that stops the motor instantly when the trigger is released.
      > Darren M.
      > --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "Snag" <snag_one@...> wrote:
      >> Ya know , when I bought those two HF battery drills I had this in
      >> the back of my mind ... photos up soon of the beginnings of a power
      >> feed unit for my X axis

      Well , mine are blue , but I don't imagine there's much difference between
      yours and mine aside from that . Good to know the control circuitry is all
      on the chip . That'll make the finished unit much cleaner . Also gives me a
      way to have a separate fast button .
      Learning keeps
      you young !
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