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29156Re: new mill cleanup

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  • clumsysoftballerz
    Jul 1, 2011
      mini-lathe dot com has a great sefton on cleaning up the gibbs and ways. lapping them enough to improve then, but not enough to prevent oil from sticking isn't a bad idea.

      I am tempted to do mine using the aluminum polish technique since I'll have it apart for my conversion this week anyways.

      basically you remove the screws, put heavy grease on the back of the gib to keep it there and leave the gib a little loose. cost the gib and ways with aluminum polish and manually push and pull it through its entire movement 30 or 50 times. clean it, and repeat with fresh aluminum polish.

      this laps the find and ways together and ensures a great fit.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "velocirex64" <velocirex64@...> wrote:
      > Just cleaning the shipping goop off my new G0720 and noticed that the gibs on x and y have a poorer surface finish than that of the ways. I'm talking rough enough that I can feel my rags catching and releasing during a wipe. Not enough to shred the rag, but enough that it makes me a little uncomfortable with it.
      > One thought is that they are left somewhat rough to promote oil retention, but it may also just be Chinese craftsmanship. Have other folks noticed this on their import mills and is polishing advised to clean this up or not?
      > jc
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