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  • clumsysoftballerz
    Apr 1, 2011
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      there are a lot of good responses already from what I saw, but I'm not taking the day off to read every single one ;)

      I just wanted to add that I have already started doing prototype and light production on my x3 using 3 igaging scales with remote read out (not a dro). my total investment was $165 for all three plus some scrap aluminum and $6 for some steel 2x4 stud ties from home depot to use for the reader mounts.

      I am VERY happy with the set up. I have done slip fit parts that fit within .001. I have made 20 direction changes on different features and come back to the first hole and using a center finder I could not see any deviation from center and reading.

      the key was getting the scales aligned properly. I had to remake the mounts to add adaptability in, but once done I can run the x the full length of travel and show about.002" deviation from the hand wheel, .001 on the Y, and the z I don't think I have checked as I never make large travels to dimension.

      I plan on getting a shumatech, but since all if my designs I do in solidworks and print the blueprints with step coordinates I already have all of my x&y mapped anyways for hole patterns and the like so I am not even sure what good the full dro would be except for a nicer display.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "tinapalian" <pdolb@...> wrote:
      > i have an enco rf31 clone with a power cross feed .i'm looking to buy a new 3 axis dro , but i'm not opposed to buying a really good quality used 2 axis setup ,as i can always add a seperate z readout later .
      > is oldtime used better or are the newer produts the way to go ?
      > i'm confused with pricing and quality..the ebay items are 50% of the price of the dro setups i see in the big book catalogs
      > is it all the same stuff rebadged ?
      > what should i stay away from and what should i look for as a must have option ?
      > any suggestions and feedback of your experiences would help ..thanks paul
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