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27928Re: Choosing a new Mill Drill

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  • leonar d bristow
    Feb 7, 2011
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      Hi Barry,
                  Weight..... I found the mill purchased is 260Kg. specs slightly different from their advertising, probably an improved model. Weight IS important. I went for a slightly smaller mill because I do smallish work, i dont hog metal out [ie make moderate cuts] and it was within my weight lifting capacity. I took off the head and tables, and three of us just managed to lift the base & column on to the mill base, which is an old cast iron bandsaw base which I have converted.            
                   Column........personal preference. No way would I buy a round column mill- drill, although many have expressed satisfaction. I like the repeatability, and the time saved.
                  Speed........I dont often use the high range, except for small hole drilling. Top speed is 2600 RPM which is ample for me. 1600 may be a bit limiting IMO.
                  Tilting Head...... To be used as little as possible - tilting vice is better, but occasionally useful. good for tramming the X axis, which I check weekly. Round plate glass on the table and a custom made holder for the DTI - takes about a minute and I can get working knowing its accurate.
                  Price........I had been waiting for some time for the Christmas sales and got mine some $400.00 off their listed price. I was prepared to pay a little more and get something a little better, plus I am impressed by their service and attitude.  You can of course get a mill cheaper on Ebay. My advice is DONT. Some of these are Indian copies, and you will not be happy with the purchase. H&F products are'nt bad.
      Hope whatever you buy works out well for you. BTW is have just finished installing a chinese Sinpo DRO, and can highly recommend them- very stable, which was my main concern. As you say, life is a tradeoff.

      Provided by Australis
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