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27907Re: [mill_drill] Re: Choosing a new Mill Drill

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  • Paul Alciatore
    Feb 1, 2011
      The obvious advantage of a tilting head is you can mill at any angle you want.  One possible use for this is with a gear hob which must be at the helix angle of the hob to the gear tooth.  Hard to do when the head does not tilt.  Also could be used to do helical gears. 

      You need to look at the kind of work you plan to do and them see what is needed for that.  Be sure to get a good idea of the sizes of the work and of the features you will be making.  You can talk over various ways of doing the work here. 

      Paul A.

      At 10:38 PM 2/1/2011, you wrote:

      Hi Lennard,

      Thanks for the information. I looked at the specs of the SM-MD30V and
      started getting all excited and then I read that Asset Machinery is in
      Victoria. Yes, just around the corner from Hare & Forbes but not the one
      in Sydney where I am located. I dare say freighting this item from
      Melbourne to Sydney would be an expensive exercise.

      I am now more confused about what to buy than ever before. Geared head
      (low speed) versus belt drive (higher speed), dovetail column versus
      round column, are there any real advantages with a tilting head, and
      after reading the comments on the other posts about VFD's, single phase
      versus 3-phase... Urgh!!!


      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "leonar d bristow" <firstbumper@...>
      > Hi Barry,
      > I just purchased a mill from Asset machinery, close by to hare &
      Forbes. Slightly dearer than H&F but IMO a cut above, & service is
      > With a belt drive you can always play with the pulley sizes. 1600
      seems a bit slow for small size drilling or polishing, but it largely
      depends on how you use the machine.
      > I got a SM-MD30 - geared head box column, variable speed. Only thing I
      dont like is the position of the head crank handle, but I'm putting a
      motor on that, so no prob. Very happy with my purchase. Top revs is
      > Lennard
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