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2707Re: [mill_drill] Running out of things to post

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  • Art Eckstein
    Jun 3, 2002
      On my lathe (I know this is heresy) on this list, I use the boring bars for my boring head1
      It just so happens that my Holder for the lathe bits is 1/2" as are the boring bars for my boring head (round) so I just put the boring bar in the holder and crank down on the set screws! Works fine for me and I use both the carbide and the HSS that I have [read NOT broken] that will suit the job at hand. Yesterday, I had to bore some 17mm holes in cast Iron and it worked fine.

      Now IF I can just sneak up on the hole size and not go overboard!

      At 08:55 PM 6/3/02 +0000, you wrote:
      Group members:

      Well, I guess everyone has just run out of things to say to the
      newsgroup. Not that I have anything particularly important to share.

      Over the weekend I spent more time than I should have on trying to
      made an indexable boring bar. This involves machining a V slot in the
      end of a 1/2" piece of drill rod so I could mount a TCMT32 carbide
      insert. I had thought that this would be something I could do and
      save myself anywhere from $20-50 over the price of a commercial
      boring bar. Well, it isn't quite as easy as I thought. I did manage
      to make a boring bar, but, it was not anything that I was sure would
      work very well. I tried again and the results were even less
      successful. I may just stick to the HSS insert boring bars (using my
      lathe) or the the boring head and carbide type boring bars using my
      mill/drill. If anyone has had any luck with making such a tool I
      would like to hear about it.

      Phil Teague

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