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2535Re: OT YA group (CncPRO) banning

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  • jeffdavis516
    May 1, 2002
      Hi Ballendo,

      You know I was wondering how someone answered a message by you but I
      could not find the message that you sent. I had no idea that you had
      been banned!!!

      Since I get people asking me about controller software from my
      website I feel I should start to look at different ones, so I'm now
      looking for a different controller software. I know that you like
      Master 5 but what do you know about DeskNCrt or the windows version
      of it?

      I consider you one of the TOP posters in this CNC area along with Jon
      Elson, Mariss and Tim Goldstein. It was mostly you guys that helped
      me to learn what I know about this today.

      It really makes me feel good when someone of your knowledge likes
      something I have done. Thanks for the complement on my pre-loaded
      ball nut design.

      Jeff Davis

      --- In mill_drill@y..., "ballendo" <ballendo@y...> wrote:
      > Hello fellow CNC'ers,
      > (I apologise to members of multiple groups who receive multiple
      > copies. I am posting this on groups where potential cnc control
      > customers may be looking...)
      > <begin msg>
      > Tonight I was banned from a yahoo group. The first time ever.
      > Yeager Automation (YA), a group for users of CncPRO and
      > I had been a member since its inception, and had posted quite a few
      > helpful messages (according to the responses given).
      > I became aware of this tonight when "My groups" did not list me as
      > member of YA. I thought it might be a yahoo blip (but maybe not),
      > I rejoined and posted the first message below. Below that are my
      > posts for this evening. I left the YA group site to take a look at
      > Jeff Davis's new roll-your-own-preload-ballscrews(nice!), and when
      > came back I had been banned.
      <Snipped very long message below>__
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