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25073riser plate

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  • wildernessknife
    Jan 1, 2010
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      First, thanks to everyone for the input concerning the lathe chucks. One another subject concerning this same machine(grizzly 9729), I have been doing my milling by mounting a compound xytable to the crossslide table and putting a toolmakers vise on top of that to get the work closer to the spindle to maintain as much rigidity as possible. I recently aquirred a phaseII precision 4 inch vise on a swivel base and it brings the work up way to high, up above the base of any of the end mills.So I removed the compound table and mounted the new vise on the base table and now it's to low. I went out and found a piece of 6061 aluminum 2 inches thick, 6 wide and 18 long, roughly the same dimensions of the base table, and it will work perfectly, but now I need to somehow afix it to the table and drill and tap holes for the mounting of the new vise. My first thought was to mill out slotted footing on each end for bolting to the table,( milling in 1.5 inches and 1 inch down, and then milling slots to correspond to the t-slots in the table for the bolts). Is this a good way of doing this, or is there a better more rigid way? Wes