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24457Re: Jet x-axis power feed

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  • leasingham_connelly
    Sep 1, 2009
      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "hysiderafter" <salbright@...> wrote:
      > I've got a JMD18 (RF-31) that I bought used with the Jet brand power feed on the x-axis. The speed control is a simple knob numbered 1-10. Mine will only work down to about 5 on the dial and then it stops. Anyone else have one of these? Do you get the full range of speeds out of it? I'm wondering if mine is hosed up or if this is typical. I haven't determined the actual feed speed but it seems like it should be able to go a bit slower without stalling out. No, the gibs are not locked and the table moves smoothly through the full x-travel by hand without excessive effort.
      > Thanks, Steve

      I would like to know if, at the point just before it stops, it is working very slowly? Is it also moving with good speed at the fast end?
      One thing that could cause problems is if the voltage to the pot is low. This would cause low speed when it should be fast and no speed when it should be low. A dirty/poor connection could cause this. Is the top speed the same as the fast traverse you get from the button on the power feed? (I am making the assumption that there is one!) If there is a big difference in top speed and fast traverse I would be looking for the cause of the loss of voltage to the pot.

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