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24304Re: [mill_drill] Re: New Mill Odor (WD-40 extracted)

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  • Chadwick E. Labno
    Aug 4, 2009
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      Been using WD-40 since the '60s, I've always had good results!

      Cliff. Johnston wrote:

      Hear, hear!  I agree with you.  Other products are far superior for preventing the start of rust on your machinery.  
      WD-40 is best for stripping the greasy coating that Chinese tools come slathered with;  otherwise, I don't use it for much else - oh, it is good also for freeing up stuck light bulbs - just make sure that the power is turned off.  A wee spray before putting in the light bulbs helps with their release too when they burn out.  Otherwise it just sits on my shelf.
      Cliff. Johnston
      "May the best you've ever seen,
       Be the worst you'll ever see;"
      from A Scots Toast by Allan Ramsay
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      Proponents of WD-40,

      WD-40 is absolutely one of the poorest rust preventatives that you could ever use. Not only is it a poor rust preventative but the damn oil will stain your iron. If you need a rust preventative then do yourself a favor and purchase a product that is formulated for that purpose.


      --- In mill_drill@yahoogro ups.com, "Ray Livingston" <jagboy@...> wrote:
      > The "fact" that it is "not oil" is irrelevent. WD-40 works very well to protect against rust, if re-applied every few months. It's all I've ever used to protect my machines, and none of them have a speck of rust on them, despite the fact that I live in a very humid climate.
      > Regards,
      > Ray L.
      > --- In mill_drill@yahoogro ups.com, "Steve" <alienrelics@ > wrote:
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      > > --- In mill_drill@yahoogro ups.com, Druid Noibn <druid_noibn@ > wrote:
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      > > > Hi,
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      > > > That is a difficult question to address.  The degree of sensitivity to the thousands of compounds found in and around the home makes the investigation a daunting task.
      > > >  
      > > > The problem started with the new delivery.  Are you or the wife sensitive to paints, oils, solvents?  Keep in mind that these may include acetone, MEK, xylem and a bunch of other stuff.    If so, leaving the unit "outside"  in the sun for a week should bake the solvents out.
      > > >  
      > > > The term musty caught my eye - if there is sensitivity to mold, fungus, etc... look at cleaning the unit with a degreaser, e.g., WD-40, paint thinner, followed by a strong disinfectant  followed by drying followed by a wipe-down with WD-40.  
      > > >  
      > >
      > > Don't forget to apply a coat of oil. WD-40 is -NOT- oil. It will evaporate and everything will start rusting.
      > >
      > > Steve Greenfield
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