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24289Re: [mill_drill] New Mill Odor

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  • Curt Wuollet
    Aug 2, 2009
      Whatever you do, Don't chew on it! :^)
      You might try a heat gun to dry it
      out, but getting the table hot is hopeless.
      Alcohol or mineral spirits might help
      or WD40 if you can stand the smell of
      that. It seems that everything you get
      from China kinda stinks. All the tooling
      has lots of smelly oil on it. I didn't
      notice a paint odor on my mill though
      it's supposed to have epoxy paint so
      perhaps they got a little careless and
      yours didn't get enough hardener to
      cure. Yours also might just be "fresh
      from the factory". Mine was the last
      of it's kind so it probably had been a
      year in the warehouse. Reminds me
      of a Dodge Colt I had. Whenever it
      got really humid, it smelled of fish



      jfrxbd wrote:
      > I finally received my HF Mill Drill 33686 on July 21. When I unloaded the mill and stand (still in the crates) in my small drive under garage they smelled real bad. At first I thought it was the crate lumber and it probably was a large part of the problem but after getting all the crate lumber out of the house this machine still has a odor about it.
      > I cleaned all the caked on protective grease off and that didn't seem to be the problem. Now as best I can tell it seems to be the black paint used inside the stand and in the table T-Sots and possibly the belt shroud itself.
      > I cleaned all surfaces inside and out on this thing but I still can't seem to get rid of this musky (make my throat dry) odor.
      > I can deal with it but I think it has made my wife sick (allergic).
      > I know all the garbage I've heard the Chinese have putt in toys, dog food, etc.; I'm wondering what they might be using on these machines.
      > Has anyone else had a problem with odor?
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