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24288Re: New Mill Odor

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  • jfrxbd
    Aug 2, 2009
      DBN Wrote...
      First, clean and then let it bake outside for a week.

      DBN, I first thought "darn", it was a chore getting this thing up one the stand, moving it outside will be fun. Then I remembered "DUAAAA", I put wheels under the stand.
      I might have to give the baking thing a try.

      Denis Wrote...
      You may want to repaint these surfaces with a non-toxic paint just incase they
      are toxic.

      Denis, I'd hate to have to strip paint, I was wondering if painting over after "baking" might work.

      norm52548 Wrote...
      I had to get rid of the rubber mat that covered the ways. I don't know how the
      Chinese make rubber products but it stinks.

      norm, I think your on to the problem, I have a piece of material I can change over to and as soon as I removed the original rubber way cover and tossed it in the garbage on the other side of the garage and walked back to the mill I could breath again. I'll get this original rubber mat out of the house and see if this helps my wife.

      Thanks all

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "jfrxbd" <superglide96@...> wrote:
      > I finally received my HF Mill Drill 33686 on July 21. When I unloaded the mill and stand (still in the crates) in my small drive under garage they smelled real bad. At first I thought it was the crate lumber and it probably was a large part of the problem but after getting all the crate lumber out of the house this machine still has a odor about it.
      > I cleaned all the caked on protective grease off and that didn't seem to be the problem. Now as best I can tell it seems to be the black paint used inside the stand and in the table T-Sots and possibly the belt shroud itself.
      > I cleaned all surfaces inside and out on this thing but I still can't seem to get rid of this musky (make my throat dry) odor.
      > I can deal with it but I think it has made my wife sick (allergic).
      > I know all the garbage I've heard the Chinese have putt in toys, dog food, etc.; I'm wondering what they might be using on these machines.
      > Has anyone else had a problem with odor?
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