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23004Re: Fixing a rough running Power Feed.

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  • Denis
    Feb 1, 2009
      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Druid Noibn <druid_noibn@...>
      > Hi Denis,
      > I was out of the country for a couple of weeks (about 600 Yahoo
      postings attesting that I am on too many groups) and then a bit busy
      with work.
      > Yes, I have an HF 8X lathe - very nice machine.  The present
      sale price of $549 is rather nice and some stores appeared to
      accept the sale price combined with the special 3-day 20% coupon that
      was available a week or so ago. 
      Hi Druid,
      Thats a good idea making a delrin dip stick with a magnet. I'll have
      to make one for my machine. How did you mount the magnet?


      > No complaints about the machine - HF still needs a management
      > My G0484 is just about out of warranty and with the exception of
      the x-axis power drive needing replacement, all is running well. 
      With a few months of part-time work on it, I'll do some more tweaking
      > FYI - some months ago I put in a Delrin dip-stick with magnets in
      the center.  The other day I checked it and was able to wipe-off
      metal particles i.e., it left black streaks on the cloth.  So, it is
      doing something.  
      > The original oil leaking out of head (required sending the head
      back for an overhaul) is non-existant, i.e., no leaks. 
      > Take care,
      > DBN
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