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22218Re: Anyone build Yadro lately?

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  • lthium2
    Dec 1, 2008
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      > You need an oscilliscope to check the inputs and outputs of the
      > operational amplifiers of IC3 and IC4 are receiving and sending
      > signals to the ATtiny2313 as a first step to fault finding. You can
      > use it to check the inputs and outputs to the isolators as well.
      > Martin
      Hi Martin,

      Yes, I do have a osc'scope. The output of caliper/scale did appear at
      the attiny2313.
      No, when probe around pin2,3 of 2313 serial communacation, all could
      see is a 5V high level and some ripple riding on top of it. it's a dual
      channel 40Mhz analog scope that i'm using. Probing around with two of
      logic probe, most pins of 2313 would have "high" status. I would expect
      some of it could have some "pluse".

      Lester Caine of Model Engineers Digital Workshop - http://medw.co.uk//
      suggested me to tie all handshke pin on com port. That didn't works as

      LT LOO
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