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212[mill_drill] My RF30 is supposed to arrive tomorrow....

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  • Dave Burger
    May 6, 2001
      I had the machine shipped to the truck terminal where they loaded it
      onto my half tom pick-up. At home, I used an engine lift with
      spreaders to lift the crate, drove the truck out from under and set
      the crate on the screened porch. I removed the motor from the head,
      the head from the column, the tables from the base.(Miami is warm all
      the time) Then, using the engine lift I put the base-colum assembly
      on the table in the shop. This required making a lift block and ring
      that fit in the base so no twisting was applied to the column. With
      help, I then lifted the head onto the column. The rest was easy. It
      took about a week of part time, after-work, effort. Part of the fun
      experience and well worth the opportunity to libricate everything.

      This stuff is heavy. don't stand under any of it and be careful about
      the strength of eye-bolts and other fixtures you fabricate. Use good
      strong LOAD RATED chain. You don't want a cheap bent eye-bolt opening
      as you apply lift.

      Use solid, forged accessories to do the job.
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