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20905Re: Tiny Endmills

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  • Phil Teague
    Aug 1 10:37 AM
      I have never experienced a problem with using WD-40, no explosions,
      fires, etc, but I do not doubt it could be made to burn. It has about
      the same flash point (110 degrees F) as kerosene which is also used in
      machining aluminum. I most frequently apply WD 40 from a small
      container using a small brush, but I have used a spray bottle to apply
      it, especially if it involves machining something like a slot. In
      which case I use a vacuum in one hand like I mentioned to not only
      remove the chips (rather than compressed air that just blows them
      everywhere), but also the vacuum has the effect of cooling the part
      and the tool. The WD 40 provides lubrication. The combination of the
      two allows slots to be machined without breakage of the end mill or a
      poor finish on the workpiece. Your comment does remind me that I
      should have a fire extinguisher in my shop. Thanks for the reminder.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "dtornbom" <dtorn@...> wrote:
      > --- If you are refering to WD40 keep in mind that WD40 is very
      > flamable and could cause a explosion.
      > A retired firefighter.>
      > > A 1/16" end mill is pretty tiny. The smallest end mill I have used is
      > > a 1/8", however I have yet to break one. On a long groove I would
      > > suggest using a vacuum in one hand and a spray bottle of WE-40 in the
      > > other using power feed of course. You may have to take two passes and
      > > use a 2 flute end mill.
      > >
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