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19830Re: [mill_drill] Re: weight of pieces following RF45 disassembly

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  • fignoggle
    May 2, 2008
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      using an engine hoist really helps! even with the metal stand in place,
      the standard 2-ton hoist can get its legs around it and move the entire
      unit. we just put a strap around the underside of the head at the column
      and lift.

      our website shows taking the machine apart, but it's very doable in one
      piece, though it tilts forward...

      congrats on the purchases!

      On Fri, 2 May 2008, John Hansford wrote:

      > Thanks DBN!
      > Like Tim, I was undecided between the 45 and the X3
      > for the same reasons....size and *WEIGHT*...;)
      > I'd have to say...for me anyway...the Enco was
      > much heavier than I'd guessed. It can be a very
      > dangerous thing to try to move by oneself. I was
      > extremely careful...
      > My X2 just doesn't have quite enough Y travel at
      > only 4 or so inches, so the 7.5" travel on the
      > Enco made the decision easier. IF...I had that
      > little extra $$$, I'd have went with the IH Version.
      > But I figure mills are easy enough to sell and
      > do hold their value pretty well, so if I want the
      > extra travel it has, I can always sell the Enco later.
      > I am highly impressed with the quality of the one
      > I have. Very smooth motion and rigid as all heck!!
      > I have to say...once it's finally in place and you
      > move that big table for the first time....it's much
      > like your first cnc moves....you just know you've
      > made a goooood decision...:)
      > John
      > --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, Druid Noibn <druid_noibn@...> wrote:
      >> Hi John,
      >> Congrats! My '45' is from Grizzly, the G0485 and it also had to
      > be disassembled to move into my place; the added feature was the 200
      > LB cast iron base.
      >> To remove the table, you need to pull the gib - it had to be done
      > as it was too dangerous to leave the table on here.
      >> Again great news, you will have a lot of fun with the unit!
      >> Take care,
      >> DBN
      >> John Hansford <kz1927@...> wrote:
      >> FWIW....
      >> I used a sort of crane to do the moving of parts.
      >> A thing that lifts people into a wheelchair I
      >> think...I got it from somewhere for parts. HF
      >> was out of the engine hoist cranes and nobody
      >> near me rents one. I just got lucky...;)
      >> I looked at the Industrial Hobbies disassembly
      >> procedures....very similar. I also downloaded
      >> the similar model manual from Grizzly. Both
      >> very helpful to see how things fit.
      >> 3 bolts hold the head on. I thought it was only
      >> 2 for the first hour...;)
      >> But, a chain placed in about the middle of the
      >> head didn't bind into motor wires or against
      >> any parts of concern. It proved to be a perfect
      >> balance of the head with the motor still
      >> attached when lifted away from the column.
      >> scary, but it was a near perfect balance.
      >> The 4 bolts for the column were next. I just
      >> "walked" it off the pallet....took off the plastic
      >> top cap and used a chain to lift it and move
      >> it. I used an old towel wrapped under the chain
      >> to avoid too much scratching up.
      >> The bondo cracks away...but no avoiding that.
      >> I *was* going to remove the table, but it was
      >> getting late and cloudy and couldn't figure
      >> it out. It has roll pins locking the screw
      >> somewhat permanently in place. The roll
      >> pins need to be carefully punched out to
      >> get the table off. I think I found out that
      >> from the Industrial Hobbies site.
      >> So anyways....the Enco ways were in Great
      >> condition! Nothing like what I feared from
      >> weeks of homework. VERY nice enough to need
      >> no attention. I have to say that after those
      >> long hours of studying up on which mill to
      >> buy....I was going to go with Lathemaster...then
      >> Grizzly...then WT....but everyone was out!
      >> I'm Exceptionally pleased with the Enco.
      >> Aside from cleaning of a relatively small
      >> amount of cosmoline....mine works out of the box.
      >> Well fitted and smooth operation. Even tramming
      >> is easy.
      >> But it is one Heavy S.O.B.!
      >> Hope that's useful...;)
      >> John
      >> --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "John Hansford" <kz1927@> wrote:
      >>> I just got one from Enco....they have them in stock
      >>> and on sale. It came in Excellent condition...:)
      >>> It took a LOT of VERY careful work to move it
      >>> by myself in 3 pieces. I won't try that again...;)
      >>> Pictures here...
      >>> http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/mill_drill/photos/browse/40a7
      >>> John
      >>> --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "Tim" <tmarks11@> wrote:
      >>>> That is great news. It sounds like it will be much less of a
      > problem
      >>>> then I had feared.
      >>>> I have been hesitant to get a RF45 based upon the overall weight.
      >>>> While I have moved a 250# tablesaw, 200# bandsaw, and 280# jointer
      >>>> down to the basement by myself, the 800# shipping weight of the
      > RF45
      >>>> definitely gave me some concerns, and steered my attention to the
      >> much
      >>>> lighter weight X3.
      >>>> Now I just have to decide between a Lathemaster ZAY7045FG ($200
      > S&H)
      >>>> and a WTTool ZAY 7045M (90 mile drive to pickup).
      >>>> tim
      >>>> --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "Alford72" <alford72@y...> wrote:
      >>>>> Approximate weights are:
      >>>>> Motor 50 pounds
      >>>>> Head without motor 200 pounds
      >>>>> Y axis saddle 50 to 75 pounds
      >>>>> X axis 100 to 125 pounds
      >>>>> Column 125 to 150 pounds
      >>>>> Base 75 to 100 pounds
      >> ---------------------------------
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