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19659Re: CNC, what do I need, What do I do??

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  • Paul
    Apr 2, 2008
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      You could always join this Yahoo group:


      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "nutz2144" <nutz2144@...> wrote:
      > Have a geared head HF Mill\drill. I am very adept at manual machining
      > but would like to "Learn" and convert my mill to a CNC, well, because
      > it would be cool, a learning experience, cool, would be able to make
      > anything, cool, could use it for engraving, and did I mention it would
      > be cool.. I know nothing, let me repeat that, "NOTHING" about CNC
      > except I need a PC, which as a PC Tech I have many, some stepper
      > motors, what ever those are (some type of motor I'm guessing), and
      > other stuff. Oh yeah, I need a G-code or something too along with ball
      > screws??? Now I'm just sitting here thinking, "someone out there has
      > to have a kit for these mills" Just make a few mounting brackets to
      > get things to fit and throw it in and presto, CNC. I'm actually more
      > interested in learning the programming of CNC than the retrofit of the
      > machine at this point, so any help would be appreciated.
      > Thanks, Richard...
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