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18965RE: [mill_drill] Re: Machine selection for a newbie

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  • Druid Noibn
    Jan 2, 2008
      Hi Miker,
      The new G0484 is a re-packaged G0519, a well-received machine.  I would prefer the 3-ph motor as I plan to use a VFD, but the "package" is appealing and Grizzly has a good reputation.     
      Well, I'll let all know how the G0484 looks - I have one in-transit to me, a belated Christmas present, the wife will be surprised when this 80" tall crate arrives in our driveway.
      Take care,

      mikaelc <mikaelc@...> wrote:
                  I just got my new Grizzly catalog, and yep, I’d have to agree with that. Power feed on the X-axis, along with power feed for the head (Z-axis), geared power head, single-phase motor – had I known Grizz was going to offer this, I’d have saved my money two years ago instead of buying my Rockwell. The Grizz has a bigger table, more powerful motor, and set up for coolant use. Ah well …..
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      Tuesday, January 01, 2008 6:17 PM
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      Subject: [mill_drill] Re: Machine selection for a newbie

      I looked at all of them a year ago when I bought mine. I was
      considering the X3 but ended up going bigger with the RF45 from
      www.penntoolco. com.

      However, I just got the 2008 Grizzly catalog an on page 577 they have
      an RF45 with power z axis and power x axis (G0484). It also comes with
      a cast iron stand for "the introductory price of $1,795." it says it
      is new for 2008 and it must be, because it is not listed in the online
      cat, yet. Shipping weight is 944 lbs, so it is a solid machine. Also,
      it states S&H at $169 anywhere in the lower 48.

      If I was buying again I would buy that hands down. I am outfitting
      mine with power feeds for x and z now and it is going to cost $500, at

      My $0.02,


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