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18947Re: Machine selection for a newbie

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  • kben77
    Jan 2, 2008
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      Hi Bill,
      as you point out there is not much info on mounting the power feeds.
      The www.IndustrialHobbies.com website had a write up about mounting
      an ASONG AS-235 on their RF45. I just figured out the unit comes from
      www.lathemaster.com. The listed price at Lathemaster is $249.
      So, it is probably a good deal if it is a straight bolt on.

      Also, I am a lefty so it will actually be more convenient for me if it
      is on the left !!!

      I might just put a 3/8" power drill on the Z for cranking it up and
      down. I saw a website where a guy mounted a cheap drill on the Z for
      this purpose.

      Thanks for the tip on the file section. I will check it out.


      > Kevin, have you researched out the mounting of the power feeds? You
      > seem to be doing a lot of good research and may already be aware of
      > the "different-ness" of mounting a PF on these types of mills. The
      > "Bridgeport type" PF's, which are almost exclusively shown on ebay,
      > (like the one you mentioned) will NOT do a bolt-up on your mill. They
      > can be adapted, but is a fairly involved process.
      > There is a PF being offered now for the X axis on this type mill that
      > is supposed to be a bolt-on, mounts on the left side of the table,
      > looks totally different from the "Bridgeport" and runs some $50-100
      > more. Have also read of a couple guys saying the left side mount was
      > awkward .... and seems it would be to me also---being a rightie?
      > I think there are a couple pix/write-ups in the files/photo sections
      > on adapting these units to a RF-31 ... which looks to be the same as
      > the 45.
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