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18944Re: Machine selection for a newbie

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  • Bill Pace
    Jan 2, 2008
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      Kevin, have you researched out the mounting of the power feeds? You
      seem to be doing a lot of good research and may already be aware of
      the "different-ness" of mounting a PF on these types of mills. The
      "Bridgeport type" PF's, which are almost exclusively shown on ebay,
      (like the one you mentioned) will NOT do a bolt-up on your mill. They
      can be adapted, but is a fairly involved process.

      There is a PF being offered now for the X axis on this type mill that
      is supposed to be a bolt-on, mounts on the left side of the table,
      looks totally different from the "Bridgeport" and runs some $50-100
      more. Have also read of a couple guys saying the left side mount was
      awkward .... and seems it would be to me also---being a rightie?

      I think there are a couple pix/write-ups in the files/photo sections
      on adapting these units to a RF-31 ... which looks to be the same as
      the 45.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "kben77" <kben77@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ed,
      > I like it a lot ! I actually got a 2 HP motor when I think it is
      > listed as 1 Hp or 1.5 Hp. If you buy one try and get a discount. I
      > bought $600 worth of tooling and they sold me the mill for $1250. So,
      > they definitely have room to wiggle on price.
      > Thanks for reminding me about the Y-travel, that is why I bought it
      > from PennToolCo. My mill came in good condition. I went to the
      > http://www.industrialhobbies.com/ website and under the mill tips
      > followed the sections for casting cleanup and wash down
      > I am new to all this and that site has a lot of good tips for cleaning
      > the mill and tramming the head, etc...
      > I am now in the market for x and z power feeds and a DRO for the x and
      > y axis. The IH website above references an ASONG-235 for the x axis.
      > They are on Ebay for about $180. PennToolCo has an x powerfeed listed
      > for $275. I will probably get a 2 axis DRO from www.cdcotools.com or
      > one from www.meisterdro.com.
      > Also, I have cut some pretty heavy duty mystery steel with it and have
      > not had any problems. :)
      > Regards,
      > Kevin
      > > Hi Kevin,
      > >
      > > How do you like your Penn Tools RF-45? That is the one I want to get
      > > in the next few months. I like the fact that the 'Y' travel is 9".
      > > Most of the other RF-45 clones have a 7.5 - 8" 'Y' travel.
      > > The new Grizzly mill is a good deal if you can live with the smaller
      > > work envelope. I like all the power feeds on it.
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