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189Re: [mill_drill] My RF30 is supposed to arrive tomorrow....

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  • Ty Hoeffer
    May 3, 2001
      On Thursday 03 May 2001 10:02, you wrote:
      > The machine head can easily be disassembled from the column. I did the same
      > trick on an open bed truck. Got it here then dis-assembled on the truck.
      > Even in two pieces it is a HEAVY two man load. Got it all down in the
      > basement and then rigged a hoist in between the floor beams. This same
      > hoist is now used to lift on and off the over sized rotary table I aquired.
      > Good luck and pay attention to safety as heavy sharp edges go through
      > gloves and bones in a mili second.
      > Steve R
      I agree! I slid my G-1006 off my dad's trailer onto the floor of my garage,
      then uncrated it. I broke it down to head, column, base, and table. Then I
      lifted each piece onto my workbench myself. Then re-assembled it.

      One warning though, if you remove the column from the base you will break
      loose the bondough ( bondo? ) filler they used to make the seam dissapear
      where the base & column meet. Its there for visual looks only, so no harm

      Also ( I guess this is the second warning ) look over the parts list &
      familiarize yourself with the breakdown of anything you want to remove
      before trying to remove it! Who knows it might save you alot of trouble.

      How many of you ave trammed the head? I checked mine out & I'm about .0015"
      out L -> R ( High Side ) and .0015" F -> R ( High Side ) on a 12" dia sweep
      of the table L->R, 9" dia F->R sweep. Now to buy shims & fix it.


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