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187Re: [mill_drill] My RF30 is supposed to arrive tomorrow....

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  • Al Patrick
    May 3, 2001
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      jsteimle@... wrote:

      > My RF30 is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Since the weight is
      > listed at
      > almost 700 pounds I'm a little anxious about how to move it.
      > I am having it delivered to my work so I can get it forklifted
      > into
      > the back of my truck. I can back my truck up to my garage which
      > will
      > be its new home.
      > I can borrow a large metal ramp from work that I hope to be
      > able to
      > slowly slide the mill still on the shipping pallet down to the
      > floor.
      > What I have not figured out is how to get it up on the stand.
      > Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
      > Jeff


      You may also be able to borrow a motor puller from a small
      garage. Some have about a 4000 cylinder, but only about 2000
      lift rating. That is with the boom all the way IN. As you go
      out to the max on them it may only lift about 400 or 500 # so be
      careful about overloading it at full extension. Also, be sure
      the legs are extended past the point of attachment on the boom!
      This prevents tipping over forward.

      Another possibility might be attaching a chain fall or
      come-a-long to the ceiling and then removing it when finished.

      3) If you're not too far from a business with a fork lift you
      might be able to get someone to run by and just sit it on the
      bench with a fork lift -- since you did say it was going in the
      garage, I'm assuming there'd be no trouble getting a fork lift in

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      to those who HATE the truth!
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