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  • Curt Wuollet
    Oct 1, 2007
      No, the switch handle should not be "Grounded" to
      neutral. It should be grounded to ground for exactly
      the reason you encountered. Because neutral in a
      single phase system carries current, it is not Ground.
      The frame of the machine and any metallic parts not
      double insulated should be grounded and it is really
      a good idea to ensure that it is, in case your fine chinese
      motor should leak a little or uses insulation that will
      absorb moisture. With todays 3 wire system this
      just shouldn't happen if the ground is connected.
      When working in damp locations, I've formed the
      habit of very lightly brushing my finger tips across
      electrical gear before trusting it. You can detect
      even low voltages because it feels "buzzy", for
      lack of a better way to describe it. And if it's
      actually hot, your reflexes do the right thing.
      It comes from the old two wire days when picking
      up your guitar or bumping a mic with your lip,
      you ran a 50/50 chance of getting zapped the
      first time it was plugged in. Reversing the plug
      _usually_ fixed it. That's why grounding things
      to neutral is a bad idea and they did away with
      it. Chassis were never actually tied to neutral
      but they usually had a capacitor to neutral to
      cut down on hum.


      Alan wrote:
      > I have a Harbor Freight Mill/Drill that is roughly 12 years old. I
      > purchased it a couple of months ago and have a question about the motor
      > switch (where you select the motor to run forwards/reverse). I was
      > using the Mill/Drill to drill a quick hole. I normally wear shoes
      > while working in the garage but this time I was only wearing socks on
      > my feet and I guess my feet were a little sweaty. When I turned on the
      > Mill/Drill and touched the screw that holds the switch handle on, I got
      > zapped.
      > When I investigated what was going on I discovered that a homemade
      > powerstrip the previous owner made had the hot and neutral reversed. I
      > set these correct and everything is working fine and I'm not getting
      > zapped anymore. My question is - should the switch handle mounting
      > screw actually be grounded to the neutral or should I open up the
      > switch and take a look at why the screw is in the "loop"?

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