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  • Alan
    Oct 1, 2007
      I have a Harbor Freight Mill/Drill that is roughly 12 years old. I
      purchased it a couple of months ago and have a question about the motor
      switch (where you select the motor to run forwards/reverse). I was
      using the Mill/Drill to drill a quick hole. I normally wear shoes
      while working in the garage but this time I was only wearing socks on
      my feet and I guess my feet were a little sweaty. When I turned on the
      Mill/Drill and touched the screw that holds the switch handle on, I got

      When I investigated what was going on I discovered that a homemade
      powerstrip the previous owner made had the hot and neutral reversed. I
      set these correct and everything is working fine and I'm not getting
      zapped anymore. My question is - should the switch handle mounting
      screw actually be grounded to the neutral or should I open up the
      switch and take a look at why the screw is in the "loop"?
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