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17737Re: [mill_drill] Re: What size Rotary Table for my RF-31?

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  • Peter Sanders
    May 1, 2007
      Hi John

      On Tue, 01 May 2007 18:02:30 +0800, harterjohn <harterj@...>

      >> Great question! I'm in precisely the same position and was
      > wondering the same thing. I'm thinking of cutting some gears eventually.
      >> -Joe

      > I guess I'm keen to understand what the limitation of a 6" RT is.
      > Would it be safe to assume that I can cut a 3" radius slot?

      Of course.

      > How about 4" radius, with suitable depth/rate? What is the limiting
      > factor:
      > finish, precision, RT wear... So many questions, so little time!

      The limiting factor is only a practical limitation. That is, how easy is
      it to set up and execute a machining procedure.

      The limiting radius that can be produced on a 6" table is in theory about
      the distance between your milling cutter and the mill's column.

      Of course you could not in a practical sense using a 6" RT, cut such a
      radius as 12" on a 1" thick steel plate 24" in diameter, however something
      in 1" thick aluminium about 12" diameter does not seem too impractical.

      These things *can* be done with the required diligence and care in setting
      up. Don't feel limited by the tool in use but DO BE extremely aware of
      PRACTICAL limitations, if you have ANY doubt about something you want to
      do, then either DON'T DO IT or seek advice first. :D


      Kind Regards

      Peter Sanders
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