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  • gboettcher
    Nov 1, 2004



      I wonder if making a “bridge” over the rotary table would work. You can clamp a piece of 1 inch by 2 inch bar stock down to the table at both ends and make your cut from the front or back side of the table. To press it to the table you could use the equivalent of a live center which could be about anything that rotates with the work piece. A small ball bearing comes to mind. Drill and tap the center of the bridge and thread a bolt to press onto the inner race of the bearing. Be sure to use packing material to keep from cutting into the table.


      Let us know how you solve this.




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      Hi Everyone - just purchased a 6" Rotary table and want to mill some
      simple discs out of 1/4" mild steel - 3" diamiter -on my RongFu 31 Mill
      Drill - any advice as to securing the square stock to the table without
      bolting it through the middle -I don't want holes in the discs - Many
      Thanks, Bill - wfg4u@...

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