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15070Re: Harbor Freight Rotary Table - Part 2

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  • mark
    Apr 1, 2006
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      I'm not sure what the real complaint is here. I have the HF 8" version
      of this RT and I've been real happy with is so far. I find the 00/90 as
      a help in referencing things, and I don't understand the picture about
      the dividing plates at all. True, the finish is not the same as some
      other RT's, but for the $179.95 that I paid, I think it was a bargain. I
      have been using mine exclusively for cutting slots in cylinders and
      ribber dials for antique sock machines with a slitting saw and ball end
      mill, and I have now cut up to 80 slots, what a job. There are
      pictures in the file, Mark's stuff. If this RT didn't index and work
      right, I'd be dead. Do I want a better one? Yes. Don't we all? But as a
      starter RT for someone on a limit bugdet, I don't think you will be
      going wrong. Yes, sometimes the things from HF can be, how shall we say,
      not so good, but that can be addressed, and I have been told that you
      can take internet items back to the HF store for a return, and the store
      near me could not be more helpful and accomadating. HF, Enco, JTS and
      the others all have products to sell, and all of them have their
      problems, when you have to deal with them, they have their problems
      also . Maybe this RT isn't what you were expecting, but I fail to see
      anything that says it's junk. If you have a complaint, explain it so
      that we can all have some info and insight, but please stop trashing
      something that seams to be working just fine for others simply because
      you might think it is not want you thought it was. It might be just
      perfect for someone else.

      Where did you find your RT at JTS Machinery? I couln't find it on there
      website? It looks like a nice RT, keep us updated on how it performs, if
      you will. I am looking to upgade someday.


      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "miker557" <mikaelc@...> wrote:
      > Have posted a new album with photos of the Harbor Freight 6" rotary
      > table next to the chinese-made unit I got from JTS Machinery (nice
      > folks, by the way). Judge for yourselves which one looks more capable,
      > but my HF unit is being shipped back tomorrow. That's a Rockwell
      > milling machine that both RT's are on, by the way.
      > Mike
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