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13591Rong-Fu Mill questions

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  • konsumingfire
    Dec 1, 2005
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      I purchased a used bench mill recently, and have some questions
      about it. It is badged as a Birmingham, "made in taiwan", and looks
      exactly like the RF-30/31.

      The main problem I am having is that it has sat for a little while
      after I got it and the spindle has become more difficult to move up
      and down with the spoke handle. It still moves vertically but is
      pretty darn sticky. When I first got it, it was nice and smooth. I
      made certain to undo the fixed bolt that locks the spindle in place
      for machining work. Tightening the bolt makes it stick solidly.
      However, loosening it only allows sticky movement.
      I am assuming it needs lubricating, but am not certain where or how
      to oil, or if it needs grease instead. I am hesitant to use oil
      until I know it won't wash out any grease. The manual is in
      Chinglish and is impossible to decipher exactly how to lubricate.
      It keeps talking about "filling the lubricant" which makes it sound
      like there is a reservoir on the machine. If there is one I haven't
      found it!
      I am assuming I need to take off the depth stop gauge cover or
      something to get to the rack sleeve behind it???
      Any ideas on what I need to do? What kind of oil/grease should I

      The history of my machine is that I got it from an old timer who
      used it for one quick job, made a stack of change, and then it sat
      in his storage unit for a few months. While in there, he had it
      tarped but a water leak in the roof got on it, and leaked through
      the new tarp. The only damage from that was surface rust on about
      2/3 of the table. He oiled the surface as soon as he discovered it,
      but did not fix the rust because he was going to sell it and wanted
      to leave it up to the new owner how best to fix it. After I bought
      it, I got a flat knife sharpening stone and within a few minutes
      removed the rust (which was like a varnish, mostly) and then re-
      oiled it.
      When I got it the table rust was the only thing wrong with it,
      except it was missing all its tooling, which I remedied over the
      past few months. The machine itself is in pretty sharp condition
      otherwise. I don't think it got any water down the spindle, so I'm
      not worried about any corrosion in there.

      I am completely new and ignorant to machining work. I am anxious to
      get started, and need some advice on fixing this problem.

      Many thanks,
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