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11911Re: [mill_drill] Re: dovetail collum mill drill or mini-knee mill (6x26).

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  • Tom
    Mar 2, 2005
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      Hi Martin,
       Your correct,I checked and the plate reads 14 amps I guess.I can't get at it very easy during winter as all the heavy machinery is bunched together in a small space I try to heat.That works out to 2 HP but like I said I doubt they would give us a bigger motor without claiming it in the ads.It would be neat for someone to do an amp draw test to check it out running.Thanks for reminding me what the formula is Martin
      Tom Munroe
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      Subject: [mill_drill] Re: dovetail collum mill drill or mini-knee mill (6x26).

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      > Hi Phil,
      >  There are models


      >  *Richard,My machine came with a 2 HP instead of the listed 1 1/5
      HP.I suspect it isn't a true 2 HP though.It only draws 17amps on
      110volts.Is that a 2 HP draw?
      > Tom Munroe


      Electrical power is the product of volts times amps so 110 times 17
      is 1870 watts. As 1 HP is 745 watts this is a power of 2.5 HP. As
      some of the electrical power will be wasted as heat and noise the
      shaft output will be less than 2.5 HP so 2 HP seems realistic for
      this current draw (there is also the small matter of power factor in
      AC circuits but that's too specialist for a machining group). Is
      this the maximum current draw on the motor's data plate? If you have
      measured it at this level with a motor running unloaded then it
      would seem too high as the current will increase as the motor is
      made to do work. The no load current draw should be well below what
      is needed for 2 HP.


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