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11909Re: [mill_drill] Re: dovetail collum mill drill or mini-knee mill (6x26).

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  • Mike Delany
    Mar 2, 2005
      I still have mine on 110 and it does dim the lights on the circuit when it
      starts. Seems to be about the same as the 18 amp motor on the tablesaw
      (another one that needs to be switched over). Overall a nice machine.



      On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, leasingham_connelly wrote:

      > Electrical power is the product of volts times amps so 110 times 17
      > is 1870 watts. As 1 HP is 745 watts this is a power of 2.5 HP. As
      > some of the electrical power will be wasted as heat and noise the
      > shaft output will be less than 2.5 HP so 2 HP seems realistic for
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