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11903Re: [mill_drill] Re: dovetail collum mill drill or mini-knee mill (6x26).

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  • Tom
    Mar 1 6:00 PM
      Hi Phil,
       There are models that don't have the room on the right side of the table screw for a motor drive.When I bought my WT 626 they told me mine was able to carry a motor drive.What it looks like is there is a spacer between the right crank and the table.When you motorize you remove this spacer.I saw one at Busy Bee that didn't have a spacer or room for one.
      * I hope that the new owners out there are informed about the greaseless bearings.
       *Could Michael take some photos of his srappers.I would like to see how he changed his.I don't like the look of those rubber flaps either<g>Thanks Michael if you can,your's sounds like a good idea.
       *Richard,My machine came with a 2 HP instead of the listed 1 1/5 HP.I suspect it isn't a true 2 HP though.It only draws 17amps on 110volts.Is that a 2 HP draw?
      Tom Munroe
      One question I have: can you install an X-axis powerfeed to the WT
      model without special modifications to the table? There is a document
      in the 6 x 26 group files, Grizzly vs WT.rtf that describes the
      Grizzly G3102 as not being easily modified to allow such a power feed.
      This is actually a bit strange because the photo for the G3102 on the
      their web site clearly shows just such a powerfeed:
      This is a little confusing. Does anyone own a G3102 out there?

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