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11216Re: RF-31 price et all

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  • ginsboy2003
    Dec 4, 2004
      Having had the chance to play with my new HF 33686 mill a bit, I
      trammed it, and was really surprised. Left to right, the column was
      dead on, and forward to aft it was only .004 out. I set the
      indicator to sweep a 8 inch circle as well. Two pieces of paper
      under each side in the front and the indicator now shows well less
      than .001 of movement (my indicator reads .001 increments and it only
      moves half that). Don't know if I'll ever need that kind of accuracy.

      The table also showed to be true and flat.

      At this point, I don't know why anyone would buy a more expensive RF-
      31 type unless you want better customer service. For $799, you can't
      beat it.

      I did make a call to HF, told them about the missing vise after
      spending 20 min. on hold. They are going to send me one in 6-8
      weeks, if its not in the warehouse. I'll probably put in on my drill

      If you could get it for $699 like matchgrade2003 jump on it with both
      feet. If you see it on the net for $799, go to the store and ask the
      manager if you could help HF save on shipping, and offer $750 or so.
      The guys I've dealt with are great, ask for the store manager the
      assistant manager may not have the authority to lower the price.

      About the spindle noise I said I heard, you actually need to put your
      ear near the spindle to hear it over the motor. Normal bearing noise
      from chinese bearings I guess. I've run it for 7 hrs now and its
      still the same.

      Still waiting on endmills.

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "Chuck" <scallion172@y...> wrote:
      > There has been alot of helpfull posts about which mill/ drill to
      > It's a real confusing issue. Rong Fu vs. mainland china, round
      > vs. dovetail.
      > I'd like to set a cap at about $1,500 for a decent drill mill. That
      > would include shipping.
      > Lets see, we have Enco, Grizzly, Wholesale Tools, Penn Tools, Harbor
      > Freight, Lathemaster and many others to choose from.
      > This is just for hobby use.
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