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11186Re: RF-31 price et all

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  • matchgrade2003
    Dec 2, 2004
      I lucked out last year and and got my hf33686 for $699 on sale. The
      vice is well.....a $10-20 vice. If I need the tilting feature it's
      better than nothing, but it will not do as a regular use vice.
      I have really been pondering ever since I purchased this if I should
      have spent the big duckies for the dovetail collum version.
      But I have a sneaky fealing that for twice the price it will not be
      twice the better machine.
      Mine table is flat the spindle is quiet. I have cut .125 in deep in
      steel without vibration (I suspect this is near its limit)
      My luck I up-grade to a better mill design and get a lemon. And of
      course sell the old good one first!

      --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "ginsboy2003" <ginsboy2003@y...> wrote:
      > Well here's what I've learned about my mill so far (HF 33686), keep
      > in mind I've no experience with any type of mill.
      > First, a plus is it came with a 2 hp 110/220 motor, not a 1 1/2 hp
      > as advertised.
      > The 3 1/2 inch angle vise listed as an accessory, wasn't. It looks
      > like a junk drill press vise, so I haven't decided if I should
      > complain about not getting it. The HF store is one hr trip one way
      > and not worth a $20 crap vise. It might be a good vise, maybe
      > someone can add their two cents and I'll decide what to do about it.
      > After spending an entire day cleaning it off, (wd-40 sprayed on and
      > let sit cuts the waxy stuff great), I let turned it on and let it run
      > for 5 hrs. The belts on the top end are much quiter now, no
      > vibration. I don't know how much I'll use it so I tried to simulate
      > a month of use to see what would break while under warranty.
      > I was a little worried about a slight noise coming from the spindle
      > area, I could hear a slight ticking or rattling noise. It is a very
      > small noise, some might not hear it, but I am anal about things so I
      > investigated, and found it was only the bearing cage of the spindle
      > bearing spinning. I thought it was the outer race at first and got
      > sick but thats not the case and some noise is probably normal with
      > Chinese bearings.
      > It has 5/8 t-slots, so thats what I ordered for $29 on ebay, and
      > found the chinese t-slot nuts about .010 too wide and the widest
      > point on the t-slot. 3 minutes later slightly hitting each on my
      > grinder fixed that. They fit nicely now.
      > I checked the runout on the tip of the R-8 drill chuck arbor and
      > found it to be .0005 using my .0005 test indicator. I haven't
      > mounted the chuck yet, I might wait and get a better Jacobs chuck.
      > Anyone have any advise on this, is it worth it?
      > I haven't trammed it yet don't know when I will get a chance to, my
      > wife is out of town and even though I've taken time off from work my
      > 7yr old is throwing up now, so I I'm busy with that.
      > I have a collet set now, advertised as .0006 tir on ebay by discount
      > machine, which by the way shipped my order to me in 3 days! I have
      > no endmills yet.
      > With no end mills I haven't used it yet, I guess I could use the
      > flycutter. I do go out and talk to it every day, turning it on and
      > staring at it, rubbing a little oil on it. My wife just doesn't
      > understand.
      > ginsboy2003
      > --- In mill_drill@yahoogroups.com, "Chuck" <scallion172@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > There has been alot of helpfull posts about which mill/ drill to
      > buy.
      > > It's a real confusing issue. Rong Fu vs. mainland china, round
      > column
      > > vs. dovetail.
      > > I'd like to set a cap at about $1,500 for a decent drill mill. That
      > > would include shipping.
      > > Lets see, we have Enco, Grizzly, Wholesale Tools, Penn Tools, Harbor
      > > Freight, Lathemaster and many others to choose from.
      > > This is just for hobby use.
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