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10940Re: [mill_drill] Biggest Square Column Bench Mill in the US.

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  • Tom
    Nov 1, 2004
      Thanks Aaron,
       I don't have a dovetail mill myself (626 mill) but your company website is a real gem<g>.I just went there and "mined" your tips section<g> I'm a newbie and there is a great deal of good info there for me,thank you so much.If I was in the position of needing a dovetail mill I sure would give you a try.If anyone else hasn't checked this out,go there.It's serious and funny too.I am not associated with Industrial Hobbies.Note,there is a misspelling in the post from Aaron in his address.This is the correct URL:
      Thanks again Aaron.
      Tom Munroe
      SouthBend Heavy Ten L
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      Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2004 3:27 PM
      Subject: [mill_drill] Biggest Square Column Bench Mill in the US.

      In case you're looking for a square column bench mill, you might want
      to take a look at the new bench mill from Industrial Hobbies.

      Featuring the biggest bench mill table in the US and hardened gears
      it offers some serious throw down performance for a price that won't
      break the bank.

      You can read more about it at www.InduatrialHobbies.com

      Aaron Moss

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