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10316Re: storing a mill

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  • billbryden
    Jul 3, 2004
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      I too strongly recommend LPS-3. There are several versions of LPS and
      you want version 3. It sprays on as a thin oil like substance but
      some of the solvents evaporate and it becomes more waxy. It is a very
      good product designed specifically for the very purpose Matt has.

      CRC is a brand and produces a couple dozen different products. Some
      of the CRC products are spray lubricants and would be inappropriate
      for providing long term storage protection. CRC's SP-300 and SP-400
      are the corrosion inhibitors. The 300 remains oily and the 400 dries
      more waxy and is a better long term protectant. This was probably
      Jerry's friend's recommendation. Its been a long time since I've used
      the SP-400 and I didn't use it that much since I am so pleased with
      LPS-3, so I can't really say how good the 400 is but it is similar to
      LPS-3 as I recall.

      WD-40 is great for cleaning off the waxy protectants, but DO NOT use
      WD-40 to coat the mill to protect it for any duration. WD-40 is a
      poor corrosion inhibitor. Some of the distillates that initially
      provide modest corrosion inhibition eventually evaporate and after
      awhile the remaining ingrediants (those rust busters, penetrants,
      etc.) actually get a bit corrosive and provides less lubricity. In my
      shop WD-40 is only used as a cleaner for small tasks since it's in a
      handy spray can and it's cheap.

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