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Fw: FYI - Tricare Scam

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    ... From: Ely Maldonado To: HomeschoolMilitary Sent: Sat, October 2, 2010 9:22:29 AM
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      Subject: [HomeschoolMilitary] FYI - Tricare Scam

      * (U) Background*: Recently there has been a rash of calls to military
      personnel from individuals (NFI) who claimed to be with DoD and requested
      information under the guise of it being a TRICARE national survey.

      * (U) Synopsis*: On 15 Sep 10, an active duty Hurlburt Field (HFLD) Airmen
      was contacted about a TRICARE survey.

      The member was asked for personal informationsuch as: Social Security
      Number, home address, Date ofBirth. Additionally, the caller asked about
      deployment status and length of deployments. When the Airmen asked why
      personal information TRICARE already had on file was being asked,the caller
      immediately hung up. The Airmen attempted to callthe number back, but no one
      answered. The member savedthe phone number (312) 258-4260.

      An online phone look up was conducted the number originates from Chicago,
      Illinois area. Using whocallsme.com showed there is a blog about the above
      number and calling others around the United States. The Investigations
      section called the above number and an answering machine picked-up andspoke
      about a TRICARE survey. The national and local TRICARE offices were
      contacted and verified they do conducted surveys; however, they never
      request the above type personal information. If you receive a call from
      anyone about a TRICARE and believe it to be false contact your local TRICARE
      office (HFLD 881-2620).

      The below link is some added safeguard measures from the TRICARE website.


      *Investigations Comments*: If you receive a call that request personal
      information do not disclose it. Ask the caller basic type questions to help
      ensure you determine if the call is legitimate i.e. a call back number,
      their name and employee number, the name of the company needing the
      information, and why they need your personal information. Remember your
      personal information is yours and you need to protect it.

      Ely Maldonado

      "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;
      through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures" -
      Proverbs 24:3-4

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