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Military Families Autism Support

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  • rwortiz_1999
    Welcome to the Yahoo! Message Board for Military Families Autism Support
    Message 1 of 313 , Feb 27, 2001
      Welcome to the Yahoo! Message Board for Military Families Autism Support
    • vickismom2002
      I am very interested in train the bowels . I have a 3 1/2 little girl in the specturm not actually diagnosed. She is not poddy trained and no matter how
      Message 313 of 313 , May 27, 2002
        I am very interested in "train the bowels". I have a 3 1/2 little
        girl in the "specturm" not actually diagnosed. She is not poddy
        trained and no matter how many times you sit her on the poddy, she
        does not go, ever. Not sure what to do. I am going to start tracking
        her...when she drinks, when she sits on the pot...when she has a wet
        diper to try to figure her out....more info would be appreciated.



        --- In militaryfamiliesautismsupport@y..., "jerryscott"
        <jerryscott@n...> wrote:
        > First, take a deep breath and decide you can take it - nothing with
        > these kids goes fast. My daughter is now 4 1/2 and we still get
        > poop-smear fest in our house.
        > Anna is mostly potty trained for #1 but not at all for #2. She
        > diapers and can take off any and all clothes . . . but she likes
        > gymnastic and swimming suits. We are (usually) able to keep her in
        > one of those with a diaper. This has helped reduce the smearing by
        > about 50%.
        > We have gotten her a little more regular with a routine developed
        > kids with CP (who also have a big problem with this) I don't have
        > copy of it anymore, but the basic concept is to "train the bowels -
        > not the kid" Diet and consistency are the key (and the biggest
        > problem for kids with autism)
        > It goes something like this:
        > - Feed the child a high fiber meal at the same time each day (Anna
        > likes oatmeal-bran pancakes)
        > - Consistently get the child to drink water (as much as they will)
        > - Change daipers and clean up messes in the bathroom, not the
        > - Sit the child on the toilet for several minutes (they say ten
        > this is imposible for Anna) at the same time each day.
        > Adjust the diet and schedule around the goal of obtaining "one well
        > shaped and structured bowel movement each day" - that is a direct
        > quote, I remember it clearly although I haven't seen it yet - ;)
        > Like I said this has helped but not solved our problem - it is at
        > least better than before.
        > Jerry
        > --- In militaryfamiliesautismsupport@y..., Ocall212 wrote:
        > > I am at the end of my rope~!! My daughter smears
        > > her poops on the wall after she goes to bed. I cant
        > > take it much more. She isnt potty trained, but she
        > > isnt in a diaper either. She will pee on the potty if
        > > I put her on but if i forget or wait too long in
        > > between, she pees her pants. As for Poops she isnt trained
        > > at all, nor is she regular. When I try to tell her
        > > what she has done wrong all she can do is repeat. She
        > > isnt ver y verbal. She knows what alot of things are
        > > and can name them, and if she wants something she
        > > lets us know. Any Ideas for the pooops would be reatly
        > > appreciated. Oh yeah, I also put her pajammas on backward and
        > > zip them and put a pin in them so she cant get out of
        > > them, but that doesnt even stop her she pulls her arm
        > > in and get the poops that way. ICANT TAKE IT~!!!
        > > Sorry im just very stressed. I feel so badly for her
        > > cuz she really doesnt understand what she has done,
        > > and I cant really yell at her. Ok Thanks for
        > > listening.<br><br>Rachel
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